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If your water heater is improperly installed, you could have a huge potential hazard in your home - plus, a poorly installed water heater will perform poorly and drive up your energy bills. That's why it's so crucial to choose a plumbing contractor who truly understands conventional gas, electric, and tankless water heaters. Our technicians are licensed and experienced to give you the help you require.

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We offer water heater installation, maintenance, and repair services. If you need a new water heater, you can either purchase it directly from us or from the supplier of your choice; either way, we will install it for you.

Fast, reliable service

We know that you need hot water in your home - and if something happens to your water heater, it's important that the problem be fixed as quickly as possible. Our technicians can often schedule an appointment and fix the problem the very same day.

Our technicians are fully licensed and insured for your protection. Ingram's is also a Registered Master Plumber (#4066).

Peace of mind

Is your water heater broken or in need of maintenance? We're the right plumbing contractors for the job.

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