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Have you ever experienced sewage backups? The property damage, as well as the personal emotional strain it can cause can be extremely frustrating. When gravity fails at discharging the waste in your home, an ejector pump is usually the best solution.

Ejector pumps - your sewage solution

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A variety of ejector pumps

  • Hydromatic ejector pumps

  • Jet pump ejectors

  • Little Giant ejector pumps

  • Myers ejector pumps

  • Zoeller ejector pumps

Knowledgable technicians

The experts at Ingram's Drain & Sewer Co. can offer specialized recommendations when it comes to sewage backup prevention.

  • We are members of Better Business Bureau, Quality Service Contractors and Plumping Heating and Cooling Contractors.

  • We proudly provide high quality work and quick service.

  • We have financing options available for your convenience.

Why choose Ingram's?

Set your mind, and home, at ease with our ejector pump installations,

maintenance and repairs.

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